I composed the class in teamup.
I sent the schedule to our coordinator(Mr. Muharremoğlu)
We started to apply the schedule.
Our computer teacher explained how to use teamup and showed suitable sites for the Project.
Students’ photos were taken in teamup for profile.

I explained what they do in teamup.
In the English lesson present abilities and past abilities were taught to pupils.
I wanted students to have an organisation in their groups and found a group on facebook.
I listened pupils’ records from teamup.
All the groups were founded on facebook.
Then I explained the next step. Pupils would have an interwiev with an old mano r woman and take a video. After that if necessary by the help of the computer teacher they would upload their videos on youtube.
By the way, I left messages on teamup to remind the interwievs.
I checked what students were doing. I left messages on teamup.
There were 2 interwievs on facebook. Some pupils are relax. They can’t understand the we have a plan to obey in time.
Our computer teacher created a wikispace site for our Works.
I realised that some students took videos but didn’t upload them to the net.
We wanted a help from our computer teacher. After the school time pupils responsible from videos came to the computer laboratuary to work with their teachers.
I saw that some pupils in the group have not an active role. Because some of them haven’t got necessary materials(computer, internet or camera. And some of them are reluctant.
Today our computer teacher and I helped students to prepare slayts on Prezi.com in computer laboratuary after the school time. Our computer teacher teached the usage of prezi.com. And I controlled their English sentences while they were writing i their slides.
There was a problem to write down slides because of slowness of network. Pupils were leaded to finish slide shows at their homes. And they would share their slide shows on facebook groups.
The videos that students couldn’t upload to youtube were uploaded to youtube by computer teacher.
For today we planned to make posters in the classroom. But pupils who were responsible for the posters didn’t bring the materials(pictures, glue, scissors etc.) So we had to delay making posters a week.
Pupils who don’t want having responsibility interrupt the plan.
By the way pupils who are not good at English but like surfing on the net Works more than others. With the help of the Project they have a change to Show their abilities.
Pupils made their posters. They finished their posters in a lesson. The step of making a poster is the easiest step of all fort he pupils.
Finally we finished to apply our plan.